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On a bright, sunny autumn day, 1891, a group of dedicated Christians, Baptist by profession, met for the organization of a Baptist Church in Aspermont. Organizing elders (ministers) led in the formation. Charter members were J.J. Horn and E.B. Featherston (ministers), Mrs. J.M. Forgus, Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Richmond, Mr. & Mrs. E.B. Featherston and son, Maxey, and one other lady who is not identified.

In the early day history of the church, preachers were scarce and country churches did not have pastors, but the pulpits were filled by circuit rider preachers. They were men of God who put their Bible in their saddle pocket and rode horseback throughout the country looking for towns and communities where they could proclaim the word of God to men, women, boys, and girls who needed to hear the gospel. Two of several circuit rider preachers who preached in our church in the early days were a Brother Ford and Brother E. B. Dawson.

The first pastor, Rev. J.J. Horn, served two years and was followed by Reverend E.B. Featherston. Their regular preaching day was the third Sunday of each month. The church called itself ASPERMONT MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH. The first meeting place was the little one-room school house then located approximately where the present school system is located. The other early meeting place was the Presbyterian Church. The first years were struggling ones with a membership of ten to thirty-seven members. By 1902, there were twenty-eight members. The next three years were growth years resulting in one hundred thirty-five members in 1905. During this time the church built a small building in the vicinity of the Highway Department. The building was later sold to the First Christian Church who set it where the present Post Office now stands.